You Can Close Your Eyes (James Taylor cover) | Priscila Mottola

a little birthday video for my mama. this is a lullaby she used to sing to me when I was a kid.

if I make it to age 50 with as much grace and beauty (inside and out) as she has, I will need nothing more!

Age of Worry (John Mayer cover) | sipsofmymind (aka Pri Mottola)

Finally reuniting with my favorite guitar!
Not a very good quality recording, but.

Gravity | Sara Bareilles cover

So I was real smart and trimmed off the beginning of the video haha, sorry! 

Track Title: Possession_V2

Artist: Pri Mottola

Album: Pri Mottola's Album

Possession (Sarah McLachlan cover) | Priscila Mottola (aka sipsofmymind)

Track Title: Sereia (Lulu Santos cover)

Artist: Priscila Mottola

Sereia (“Mermaid”)

Clara como a luz do sol
Clareira luminosa
Nessa escuridão
Bela como a luz da lua
Estrela do oriente
Nesses mares do sul
Clareira azul no céu
Na paisagem
Será magia, miragem, milagre
Será mistério

Prateando horizontes
Brilham rios, fontes
Numa cascata de luz
No espelho dessas águas
Vejo a face luminosa do amor
As ondas vão e vem
E vão e são como o tempo

Luz do divinal querer
Seria uma sereia
Ou seria só
Delírio tropical, fantasia
Ou será, um sonho de criança
Sob o sol da manhã

playing around a bit while waiting for my cab.

Love is a Verb (JM cover + my verse) | Priscila Mottola

Oh! Darling (The Beatles cover) | sipsofmymind

I could never do it justice, but here’s my take on this little gem. I’ve had too much on my mind lately and recording has been quite an outlet… should I be worried?

(P.S. apparently I enabled answers? how the.. feel free to ignore that.)

How to Save a Life | acoustic cover

this key was a little uncomfortable for me at first, but I liked the chords better there.. enjoy! or cringe? whatever feels right. (;